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Bucket List

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy?

So I was reading the newspaper yesterday and there was this guy on it for spending the past 2 years dedicating his life to ticking everything off his To Do list. Sebastian, after a close friend had died, he realised that if he himself was to die the next day, he would not be happy because he had not done anything with his life. So from that moment onwards, he set off to finishing every item on his list, from being shot to marrying a stranger at Los Vegas to walking around a whole country (France).

Since then, he has completed about half of his list. Number 4 on his list is to donate $100 000 to Camp Quality. This is something I respect deeply. Camp Quality is an organisation that aims in helping children with cancer live a life full of happiness
( which everyone knows is difficult considering their situation). I encourage anyone who has money to spare to support Sebastian and most importantly, those children and donate to either his website or Camp Quality website.

Reading that article about him was very inspiring. Everyone has dreams and things they want to do in life but not everyone achieves it. We let the ordinary life style of working and studying wash the years by then when we're old and weak, sitting in our rocking chair, we wonder where our youth went?

I have a list too. I wrote one a few years back and tucked it away in a shoe box under my bed. Since then, a few things have changed so I have a new one now:

1.Publish a novel
2. Sky dive
3. Climb the Sydney Harbour bridge
4. Kiss a stranger
5. Skinny dip
6. Travel the world
7. Speak a foreign language fluently
8. Sew my own clothes
9. Learn to play one song well on the guitar
10. Blind date
11. Learn to swim well
12. Sleep under the stars
13. Swim with dolphins
14. Pat a tiger
15. See Antarctica
16. Meet pen pals in person
17. Save a life
18. Sing on a stage
19. Donate a large amount to charity
20. Save an animal's life
21. Play in the snow
22. Change someone's life
23. Be in a mosh pit/attend overcrowded concert
24. Meet a celebrity
25. Learn to waltz
26. Work in a developing country
27. Stage dive and crowd surfing
28. Learn to surf
29. Watch an Opera show
30. Go scuba-diving
31. Horse riding
32. Chase Tornado
33. 1 week of silence
34. Join a protest
35. Learn to ride a bike
36. Visit Shaolin temple
37. Hitch hike
38. Road trip to another state
39. Ride a motorbike
40. Shakes hands with a world leader
41. Give inspirational speech
42. Volunteer work at a hospital
43. See the Louvre
44. Apply self-defence in a real-life situation
45. Design own wedding dress
46. Have the courage to ask a guy out on a date.

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