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Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Unknowing

Dear My Unknowing Guitarist,

You do not know this and never will come to know that when I listen to your guitar, I can sleep peacefully and all my nerves are relaxed. Many nights when I can't hear the sweet lullaby , I am plagued with torture and I curl in my bed with darkness as a blanket. But sometimes, if I am not too scared  to close my eyes, I will imagine that you are sitting beside me quietly strumming.

    In reality, you only play for her now.

Sometimes, on the rare occasions that we were together, we used to talk happily for hours on end about every topic possible and about sweet nothings. When you smile, I am like an idiot and can't help but smile along even though I didn't find the joke to be that humorous. And that I love the sound of your laughter so much that I tried to make you laugh as much as possible.

Dear my favourite guitarist, you may not know this or maybe you had a hunch that I indeed started learning the guitar because of you. When I watch your long fingers with its intricate movements, I can't help but feel that something beautiful is being created and long for the one day I can create beautiful songs with you.

   Unfortunately, there will never be a duet.

Also, you do not know this but  when I'm with you, I take pleasure in your presence and remember each and everything you have said. Delicately, I store them safely deep inside my heart and draw them out when I'm lonely. Did you know, that whenever you are not with me, my world is dull and painted in black and white. And that the flowers weep morning dew along with my silent cries.

Finally, you do not know and forever will not come to know that you are the only one that I tolerated attaching the word "cute" with my name when I despise that word more than anything. And that you are my first.

   Dear My Unknowing Guitarist, I am still waiting for you.


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