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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Restart Button

Sometimes, there are things you want to forget after much pain and sorrow but no matter how hard you try, the past still clutches at your heart like a claw and you start to want a fresh start. Sometimes, a restart button is in order to move on.

This year, was my last year in high school and my first year to have a boyfriend but the relationship ended badly as I realised too late that my heart had long been taken by someone else. Actually, its more of, I was denying my feelings because I was scared. I was too chicken to speak my thoughts and painful consequences were due to my silence.

I learned the hard way that: Time waits for No One.

After much things have happened I am pleased to be able to obtain a new start next year as a university student. A change of environment is needed as I have hung too long on these pains.

Unless you want to press the restart button please voice your feelings first and avoid being heartbroken.

Currently listening to: Into your arms by The Maine

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