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Monday, January 11, 2010

Excitment and the Heebie jeebies

So recently, I found out that one of my favourite bloggers mysterg will be going on a long traveling expedition and has given the chance for people to guest post on his blog. So obviously, I am taking him on that opportunity. It taken me a while but I have finally finished a prose that I think is worthy as a guest post (emphasis on "think"). I just finished this and sent a request to him so hopefully, he will reply soon.

The Melancholy of a Majestic Metamorphosis

Before, I was nothing and I was nowhere; going nowhere. My body was part of this nothingness which seeped into my very core and fueled me. Soon, I felt something stir inside me, something powerful. . .an urge for more. Then, as time slowly passed, I had gained strength that acted with the urge and I started pushing, thrusting and munching my body through the darkness until. . .light.

For a while now, I have been crawling aimlessly, passing my day through green leaf by green leaf. All I have is an incredible urge to fill my black hole of a stomach. This urge is a feeling of nothingness and this nothingness is the urge to become something more.

Everyday, just as I finish feasting, I would make my routine crawling and struggling up the tallest tree; millimeter by millimeter, second by gruesome second until night falls, I reach the crown. There, on the highest point, tired and cold, I gaze longingly towards my only lover: the Moon. I know that she smiles and lights up other lonely abyss but she especially brightens my darkness.

As I grow larger so does my love for her. I want her. I want to be where she is and be able to shine as bright as she. I want to be beautiful as she is. More importantly, I want to have an importance as equal to her in this world.

Right now, I am still no one but at least I can go somewhere but that movement is meaningless and mundane. Inside me, there is a growing need and unlike before it is stronger, it demands change and not running away. I need to obtain my purpose and I need to find my happiness. This change is not only for her but also for myself. I want to be free.

I don't know how long I have to wait before something happens. All I know is time is passing outside my thinly woven prison. It is my only security amongst this forest of insecurities. But slowly, there is a change. I can feel myself changing. More into someone new. More into being me. Until, one day, this blanket is gently pulled away to reveal a blue glistering angel.

Now every night, I fly into the embrace of her beauty and bask in her light which heightens my own glittering jewels. I can finally, feel the whispering breezes and reach unknown horizons. I am happy. However, I can feel it in my core that nothing lasts forever. That slowly as I grow, I am also dying.

I am welcoming this death. As I'm slowly no longer able to fly, my ashes will go where I could never fly to. My ashes will float into the sky with my beloved. I will forever be remembered.


katieleigh said...

this is simply breathtaking, i love it so much. thank you for sharing something so intimate.

p.s are you from australia?

katieleigh said...

omg, my whole world just exploded. you have a picture from 5 centimeters per second! that is my favourite movie seriously.

Lovesick Fool said...

@ Katieleigh: Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!! I am so glad that you like this little piece and hope there will be more visits from you.
I absolutely love 5 centimeters Per Second. It was actually introduced to me by my precious guitarist. Lol you will understand what I'm refering to if you read the older posts.
Thanks and Lots of love

Anonymous said...

AH! so this was the post you were talking about! (i've been out of it, forgive me.) it's really good.
and... (your not going to like this but!) it sounds like you have experienced this life of a caterpillar! [i believe in reincarnation and the sort] but wow.
just. WOW.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Ellie: Thank you ^^ but it sends shivers up my spine to think that I may have been a caterpiller in the past life. I do admit that I am similar to caterpillars in their dreaming but still. . .they are creepy.

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