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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Message in a bottle

My feelings are a message in a bottle. They are cramped and locked for years, never to be opened.
Why is it that I only see him? Follow his movements: every little wrinkle of a smile, every spin of a finger.
Why only him?
Why do I always compare others to him? I know it is cruel of me but I can't help it.
Why can't I let him go. . .Even though, I know it will never be me.
How do I let go? Do I close my eyes and wake up to emptiness? What must I do?

I want to find my very own happiness, entirely for me and no one else. I do realise that I can find happiness
without love but they don't last long. Things like hobbies and jobs don't give off the feeling love does. It's a different type of happiness. I want eternal happiness. I want true love.

I desire. . .what married couples have.
Someone to sleep with every night and wake up to in the morning. The first person you see is the one you love. I want the contentment of a simple married life. Cooking breakfast together and eating together.
I want to live with someone all my life and see his gradual changes from young to old.
To be able to know one another's thoughts with a single glance.

I dream of walking down the aisle in a waterfall white gown.
That is my happiness.
My message in a bottle. . .Did you receive it?

PS: I have attached a link to an online message in a bottle site. I recommend for those who never had the experience.

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