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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crying Happy Tears

Today has been the best day in so long. I woke up to my 2nd blog award and the reply of my Unknowing. The Path to Enlightment award:
"This award is for people who are continuously seeking knowledge of the world and their places in it and who share their discoveries on their blogs. It's also for people who keeping posting and commenting, inspiring those of us who seek purpose, giving us a reason to keep coming back and sharing."

Thank you so much Vencora and now here are my chosen winners:

Jodi at ooohjodi: She is funny and so straight forward in a way that I truelly envy. If people were as truthful as her who would need truth detectors?
Nova at Conquest: I find that her words are so beautifully hopeful that it makes me hopeful. I think that hope is contagious.
Katieleigh at goodbyeanimosity: A picture is worth a thousand words and that is true for her photographs. She captures so much emotions and words into one photo that I can't help but be jealous.

I was so happy that I cried. And I'm still so happy that I could cry some more.
I was so nervous last night when I finished the last part to the story 3 years' Unknowing because I wanted to send a copy of the whole story to someone very important. My Unknowing.
I woke up this morning to his reply. His reply made me so happy that I spent so much time writing that story.
Everything was so worth it.
He read all three parts and said it was beautiful but he felt awkward because he was reading into my mind.
He said that he's sorry to never have realised about how much pain I had gone through and shocked about Justin. He said that he's sorry that he couldn't return my feelings and that it made him realise something very important and he said thank you.

 I'm not quite sure what I made him realise. But I don't care anymore because its enough that he finally understands. He finally knows about those precious feelings that I hid in my heart for so long.
 I can indeed truely say:
            I will no longer wait for you. 


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