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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Lovely Thinker

University is still sadly a dog. After finishing 4 assignments I received 3 new essays to do.Fun. Good news is that I started writing a new story which will hopefully will be thought stirring. But unfortunately, its going to take a while. So if anyone is interested in guest posting, please email me. It would be rude of me to not  find a form of entertainment for my beloved lovesick fools.Today I have with me, a lovely thinker by the name of Safia from Thinkers Reverie. Her words are beautiful and very thoughtful, definitely a deep thinker. Please enoy!!!


Suggest which of us is likely to suffer more
The trusting or the trusted
The one who gave her heart into another’s keeping
Or the one who misplaced what he did not deserve
A jewel more precious than either of our lives
Given all too readily
Broken all too easily
Suggest which of us is likely to suffer more
The lover or the loved
The girl with the empty space where her heart once rested
Or the boy with the seeds of guilt sewn into his spirit
An organ too fragile for either of us to handle
Given all too readily
Broken all too easily
Suggest which of us is likely to suffer more
When the time comes to take back our words
To turn the tides of emotion that seemed to overcome us
When our thoughts are laid bare for all the world to see
Who do you think will hurt the most?
I who loved you with no thought of consequence
Or you who took for granted what should never have been yours

My trust, my love, my heart
Given all too readily
Broken all too easily
Hidden once more and elusive to all but you
Such as you were


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem. Thanks for introducing me to a new blogger!
Take it easy with the schools stuff. It will end day and hopefully, like me, you will still remember them as some of the best days of your life. - G

Lovesick Fool said...

@Georgina: Thank you. There are always a wonderful blogger out there waiting to be discovered. Yes, I truly believe the schools are and will be always the best days too.

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