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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hello Beloved Lovesick Fools,
Today I got a haircut!!In celebration of my new look is the new blog background!!
How does it look? ^^


He said that I had long beautiful hair. So I'm going to cut it all off. I will move from him. From the past that pulls at my long burdensome locks. I am not running away but rather walking steadily forward to my future.

I watch as strands of hair fall like feathers of crows fluttering from the sky.
They accumulate around me. Inch by inch. More and more.With each strand that gathers on the floor, a memory of him is erased. Good bye. Good bye.Until I become less of what I was a minute ago. It's like carving a sculpture from a block of marble.The more you chip away, the more real it becomes. It's a transformation of the highest order.

I close my eyes and allow the crisp sound of snipping scissors lure me to sleep. I feel my my head becoming lighter. In the distance, I hear David my hairdresser, announce the end in a sing-song voice, "Voila!" And I wake from my dream of fairy floss clouds. I caress what remains of my hair. The back of my neck is slightly cold where it is now bare. "It's short" I murmur, slightly dazed. David asks my reflection in worry, "Is that a problem?" I leap off my stool and smile, "Not at all. It's perfect." And I walk out the salon with less of who I was yesterday and more of who I am today.
Good bye.

                             (Below: my new haircut. Which is actually slightly longer than
        what I wanted but I still absolutely adore it.)


Vencora said...

cute hair! and nice detail of the incident. it's always a bit liberating to refresh our lives with a little bit of newness.

Eva said...

I love the haircut! Very cute :) I've done that before, cut my hair off to make me forget someone.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Vencora: Thank you. Indeed, I feel very light.^^
@Eva: Thank you ^^. Did cutting your hair work?

Nova said...

Your hair cut is so adorable! I hope it works out for you, the forgetting. I did it a year ago but it didn't really work. I dye my hair to forget now :)

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