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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dream Hauntings

Have you ever dreamt that you were a ghost?
I did last night.
In my dream, there was a ghost of a girl named Sachiko that stood outside my living room window. At least it resembled my living room window. The only difference was outside that window was a lake or a large pond. Outside mine, is merely my backyard. And there Sachiko stood in the lake watching my family.
I was Sachiko. And I was having flashbacks. I remembered how I died. It was cruel and ugly.
Sachiko was murdered. There were flashes of a bloodied axe or metal spatula. Shadows of a man. Flying body parts and a stained pink slipper. Then her body was dumped into the lake. Left forgotten.
I was murdered.
I woke up with one reoccurring thought in mind: I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. The feelings of fear was so vivid that it was real. Even though, I knew I was safe in my own bed, I couldn't help think how scary it was. I wanted to crawl into my brother's bed and feel a warm body but I was too terrified to leave the safety of my own bed. There I lay silently crying, wondering if anybody could hear me. Wishing for someone to comfort me.
At that moment, I felt as though I was a child again. Completely helpless and afraid. I wanted someone to be there. I wanted so badly to cling onto someone and tell them how terrified I was. I needed someone to stroke my head and whisper words of reassurance. Someone. Anyone. It didn't matter who.
Then I realised, Sachiko must have felt the same.
And I cried even more.


Richii's Blog x] said...

If i had a dream like that I would of slept with the light on for another month!
How freeeeeaky man! i saw this blog last night but i didnt want to read it just in case i get scared haha. So i chose daylight =)

Hope your okay!
You have your friends and family. remember that!

Lovesick Fool said...

hahaha thanks Richard!!
I'm okish now. Not as freaked out. I'm still too scared to look out windows at night though.
Mum laughed at me >.<
lol I freaked out my brother too

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