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Monday, September 27, 2010

101 random facts about me (I'm maybe becoming a narcissist )

Note: Yeah, I have too much time on my I'm kidding, I should probably get back to doing my assignments. Also, I realised I did no.28 twice... cannot be bothered to redo this whole thing.

1.Rain is my favourite scent
2.I want to one day own a mini library
3.My favourite meat is chicken
4. If I have more money I would buy more girly clothes
5. I'm probably the only person in my university without a mobile phone (cell phone)
6. A lady at the train thought I was 10 years old
7. High heels are gorgeous, I just hate wearing them
8. I can't swim to save my life
9. I think I changed my career choice around 20 times throughout my school life
10. Painting is like trying to make me bungee jump. Impossible.
11. If I could resurrect the dead; Claude Monet is on the top of my list
12. If life was like anime, mine would be shoujo.
13. For the first few months of my brother's life, my 5yr old self thought that he was a girl
14. Speaking of 5yr old self was also a flirt and a chatter box
15. I used to read 2-4 novels a week
16. I also used to love the colour pink
17. The moon was a place where I dreamed of meeting the moon princess
18. At one point, I thought being a thief was an actual career choice
19. I'm the shortest out of my friends and one of the eldest
20. Having hair as long as Rapunzel was my childhood goal
21. My favourite colour is sky blue
22. I want a bed of clouds or fairy floss
23. My dream house has to have walls of tinted glass
24. I am a fan of Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks
25. I've been told that I'm very gullible
26. My kindergarten teacher spent the first few weeks trying to get me speak in English and not Vietnamese
27. I almost became vegan once after watching a documentary on animal slaughter
28. I can stare at the sky for hours on end and not be bored
28. I like to fantasise
29. Terribly scared of ghosts but not the Devil
30. Has Trypophobia
31. has the biggest sweet tooth ever
32. I adore white chocolate
33. Used to be a really big cry baby
34. Murder-in-the-dark is the ONLY game I don't suck at
35. Hardly ever get lost
36. The first time I cooked wedges from scratch, I peeled a chunk of my finger's skin off and bled like crazy
37. I was born in Tasmania
38. My ideal wedding proposal is somewhere high with a view of the city lights and a bouquet of cherry blossoms
39. My wedding dress must absolutely be designed for me entirely
40. I'm picky with men
41. Unfortunately, I'm a master of crushing at first sight
42. I don't have a lucky number
43. I hit my head on various places while fainting
44. I used to suck at English
45. I'm one of the few Asians that don't fit the stereotype of excelling in maths
46. I've only been hospitalised once in my life but that's only because I fainted on the train
47. I get full on a bowl of rice alone so I only fill half my bowl of rice to have room for the other food
48. Loves train rides at night. So pretty.
49. Someone thought I was a prostitute because I was waiting on the side of the road for my Mum
50. I absolutely love fruit!! So sweet and juicy
51. Spent half of high school life kicking boys and avoiding rumours of false relationships
52. Wants to wear a dress I made myself
53. Technology escapes me
54. Loves anything cute but hates being called cute
55. Prefers winter to summer.
56. Speaking of which, I despise the heat with a passion
57. Dreams of owning a house by the seaside
58. Secretly wants to be reincarnated into either a Japanese or Spanish person
59. I love children
60. I used to chuck my jade bracelets against the wall to watch them break... not sure why.
61. Dogs are definitely better than cats
62. Also, I secretly converse with my dog Yuki thinking she understands me... hey she actually replies!!
63. Men are definitely from Mars
64. I never know what to buy my friends for their birthday
65. I always go over the time limit for class presentations
66. People don't know it but I'm actually a very good liar. When I want to be.
67. Princes are over-rated
68. Parallel worlds would be awesome. Bring on the possibilities!!
69. I cry when watching sad films or reading tragic stories
70. I started around 12 novels and scratched 10
71. If I must have one super power than it has to be....force shield. Repel ALL unwanted hugs!!!
72. Toffee, green tea and vanilla flavoured ice cream are the best
73. Thinks the Loch Ness monster just hates the camera
74. Scared of looking out the window at never know when someone is staring back at you.
75. Has never been to the snow. I really want to see a live snowflake
76. Strangers always think that my middle brother is the eldest
77. Wants to own a lacy dress (hint hint nudge nudge).
78. Strangers hug rape me all the time or apparently, I'm a walking teddy bear
79. I'm running out of ideas....
80. Wants a teddy bear that's bigger than me so I can hide behind
81. Thought that I'll become a princess at one stage of my life
82. I love playing with words but I'm not much of a talker
83. Paint loves me so much that it preferred to be on my clothes rather than the canvas
84. Loves being close as possible to the sky.... just don't ever look down!!
85. When I'm scared, my fingers and toes start to tingle
86. I like being told that I'm light because I'm always worried about my weight
87. Friends are more important than men. They don't disappoint me.
88. Ironically, I prefer male friends than female friends.
89. I only want two children: 1 boy and 1 girl.
90. My future son might be named William or Hector. I'm not sure on my daughter yet.
91. Rape is the only crime that cannot be justified.
92. Can't dance to save my life....probably should get some dancing lessons
93. Has never gotten drunk before....doesn't look pleasant
94. Happiness is an on going journey of discovery
95. You continue to learn every day.
96. Has not gone clubbing yet.... so scared that someone will spike my drink.
97. I disrespect men who don't respect women. Do we look like furniture to you?
98. I'm not ticklish. Really. I swear. Don't you dare test the truth!!!
99. My favourite fruit are mangoes. I usually eat 2 to 3 at a time.
100. I secretly carry a dagger with me when I go to places I deem that you know, I must kill you.
101. If the incident of 2012 occurs, floaties aren't going to save me. Should probably invest in gills.


scattered-strings said...

get me a pair of gills too!

Lovesick Fool said...

@scattered-strings: lol we'll be the first mermaids

Vencora said...

what a neat collection of words about you. i really liked how this post read. interesting. ^_^

Lovesick Fool said...

@Vencora: Thank you. Maybe you should do one too? ^^

scattered-strings said...

rofl. frogs beat us to it.

The Pursuit said...

oddly enough, your personality seems very similar to mine, haha. an both of our blogs deal with love and life, though i think yours is written far better than mine.

Lovesick Fool said...

@The Pursuit: Thank you. Though I have to say, your writing is very formal.

The Pursuit said...

Thanks, I think...I just write as I think, I never really thought of it as "formal" haha.

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