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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me breathe again

Hey all!!
Today's post is from the lovely scattered-strings from her corner of the blogosphere: Your Crypt Tonight For 7 Days. She is a good friend and will be the first of my line up of guest bloggers. Hope you all will enjoy =)

Let Me Breathe Again

She stood there, grey eyes obscured
and shoulder exposed.
Lips stained red from biting,
she gives me one look -
and I'm hers.

Her jasmine scent lingers on my sheets,
long after she's gone.
I hesitate to wash them,
Cause I don't know when she will be back.
Or if she will even return.

The taste of her crimson lips;
Her hot breath against my neck when we're One.
I pull her closer but she is relentless.
Teasing me as her lips ghost over mine -
And then she pulls back.

Her pressure on my neck,
Sinking her finger tips.
I relish when she digs her nails deeply into my back,
drawing blood when she pulls me closer finally.

I want to do bad things to you . . .
She would whisper into my ear,
Her warm breath tickling me.
A moan escapes when her fingers trails down my chest.
Dancing past my stomach...
But stopping just before she reaches the place I long for her touch.

My breath hitches.
And she chuckles before pressing her soft lips against mine.
Too easy, baby.


Barry said...

Sexy, I love this. I appreciate that it's written as a poem, which I relate to very well.

What intrigues me is that although the subject is female, the sex of the writer is not given. The mind wanders...

I'm going to visit her site now to check out more of her work.

Sharon said...

This was breathtaking.

Thank you for sharing...

Sharon xx

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