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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey Lovesick Fools!!
Today's post is another lovely piece by the blogger Barry from Life in Quotations. I really liked this one and I hope you will too.
- - - - - -


His touch like summer upon your skin
No place you’d rather be,
Waken in dawn’s early light
To find it’s all a memory.

Did he call you baby
Write your name deep in the sand,
Explain the things you never knew
Or didn’t understand.
Did he chase away the lurking ghosts
Of lovers from another day
As you surrendered to him completely
And got carried away.

Was he just another shadowed hope
Or The One dressed in disguise,
Among the incidents and accidents
You got tripped up in his lies.
Did he call you his sweet darlin’
While he looked into your eyes
As each and every heart beat
Echoed his goodbyes.
Just what is it makes a man
Turn his back I cannot say,
You got lost on his horizon
And were carried away,
Just carried away.

And the days roll by like freight trains
Speeding down a wrong way track
Try to still the memories in your head
But there ain’t no turning back.
All along you somehow knew
You’d breathe for yourself one day.
Swept up like debris caught in his tide
As you got carried away,
Carried away.

Now you stand on higher ground
In a place where you belong,
Took some time to find yourself
But you were with you all along.
All the love you hold inside
Someone will see one day,
Then I’ll watch the words fall off your page
That you've been carried away.

I’ll sit upon that shore again
And watch you carried away.


Barry said...

Lucy, thanks so much for posting my poem. Much appreciated! <3

xxLover said...

I like it =D

scattered-strings said...

I like this.
It speaks of rediscovery of self-control after getting lost for a while.

Ana* said...

"You were with you all along" this is lovely, I'm glad I found your blog.

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