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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Darling, how do I control this love?
To clench my thirst for dreamless desires
I want the night.
I don't want red hot passions of lust and hormones.
Or rather simply a warm larger hand in mine.
But why do you laugh when I say so?
Why do you always reject the daydreaming of a girl
Who lives day by day with only her fantasies to love?
You are truly a cruel man
You know how to easily hurt a woman
Without even trying to but still your words cut deep.
Because I'm secretly hoping that they hold meaning
That I have an importance in your life.
And that this wasn't all but a game to pass the time.
Darling, how do I make sense of you?


Ana* said...

Well written. How funny it is that we can't make sense of love, but we can make sense of our loved one's actions. When the actions are not right, our hearts tell us we are confused while reasoning tells us to run.

scattered-strings said...

I don't want sex either. I want someone next to me.
All I simply want is someone to cuddle with, a larger hand to fidget with.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Ana: I think that its hard to make sense of what's going inside his head.
@Scattered-strings: Yeah, I want that too. *hugs*

scattered-strings said...

Sadly, it's not possible.

ĐΣΛИ said...

Pardon my intrusion; I want to tell you that your writing is absolutely beautiful.

Kindest thoughts,

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