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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Man made

Underneath my fingertips, I shape and smooth out his shoulders until they are strong and broad enough to shield me from harm. He'll be perfect, my man made lover. I slice tiny wounds into his rough palms that shows he's not afraid of a little hardship. He'll be perfect. Using threads woven from the night, I curl laces of hair onto his head. Soft and thick like a raven's feather. I glaze his soft eyes as he smiles brightens the dimly lit room. His eyes stares straight ahead and as though he had tunnel vision, looks only at me. He'll be perfect.

Brushing a tinge of colour, I gently touch his cold lips. His lips that promises sweet nothings and a life full of happiness, where he waits for me by the alter. He'll be perfect. Slowly, I press my nervous lips upon his and breathe life into my creation. I wait as his eyes focuses and he smiles down at me. He lifts me up into his arms and I press my ears against his heart. Ba-thump. Ba-thump. Ba-thump. I gaze up at him and watch his mouth, 'Will you say you love me?'  Instead of replying, he kisses me gingerly and leans his forehead against my own. I listen to his thoughts: Even though I have no voice, I'll love you forever.

Even though he's anatomly flawed, he's perfect.


bakayabi said...

That is so intensely romantic. I love how vividly you described him. I adore reading intimate moments like these, I wish I could let myself go and write like this as well.

KosmicAngel said...

this is really great

LovkynÄ› said...

such depth i hardly know what to say, other than that i enjoyed reading it. ^_^

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Great flash fiction. Evocative and curiously bittersweet. What happened in her past where having a man without the ability to speak seem desirable?

Eva said...

Breathtaking. The way you are creating him in this piece is so vivid. I wish we could find that one that fits us so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Because my thoughts right now are strange and dreamlike and not to be trusted, I'll type them into words. The doorbell just ruined my third attempt to comment . . . wistful and bitter I've never been kissed like this before with someone's words.

ooohjodi said...

You are beautiful, Lucy.

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