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Friday, June 24, 2011

Air Raid

Note: Inspired by a dream
- - - - -

Outside my window, the sky is collapsing.
It is a rain of blood and bombshells.
Black stars break open weak hearts and houses;
we stand no chance against them.
Men are shot and women are raped,
with their children’s innocence stolen.
We are victims of an invasion of no reason
But full of greed and disregard of lives.
People are running with weapons in one hand
and family in the other.
Memories are buried in rubble.
Limbs and tears pile by the sidewalks,
as we run for shelter.
Inside my heart, the world has collapsed.
The sky is no more but blue polluted by,
blood and metal prisons.
We stand no chance against them.
But we continue to run for our lives.
Because, that’s all we have left.


bakayabi said...

That must have been scary...

but so vividly. i wish i dreamed something like that.

Philosophia said...

wow. this is such a saddening, yet empowering poem. very creative of you to pen your dream into such a great poem! :)

Lovesick Fool said...

@Bakayabi: In the dream I wasn't alone. I had important people who cared for me and I wanted to protect them. There was no time for fear.

@Philosophia: Thanks. I was tossed between writing a short story and a poem and decided on poem since I haven't written one in a while. =]

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