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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Butt out

Lately, it seems everyone has been on my case about my love life. Or lack thereof.
My friend suggested going out with another friend to get over my unrequited love. Mum's co-worker keeps asking for my hand-in-marriage. I don't like him. He keeps bothering my mother with his requests yet does nothing to earn my affection. My maternal grandmother who lives in Vietnam tried to match-make me with the son of a family son. Apparently, not only is he smart but also handsome. Yet, if he's all that, why would he look for a girl friend all the way in another country?
Then, there was that time where my mother tried to marry me off to the son of some rich family.

Like, I love my friends and family to bits but seriously, they need to get off my case and understand that I'll find the right guy for myself with time. I know that my mother is worried about whether or not I'll ever get married and I'm worried too. However, I know that one day I will find him. The person that is meant for me.

So in the meanwhile,


1 comment:

Barry said...

I believe it'll happen naturally for you, when it's meant to happen. You have enough going for you to attract a guy on your own, you don't need to be 'set up'.

Being single shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing. People are well-intentioned in wanting to move things along for you but they should be far more worried if you were rushing into a relationship you weren't ready for or that was bad for you.

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