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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black wings

 Inspired by the fanfiction: Black Wings

You are a pair of black tainted wings that flutter fleetingly out of my grasps.
You are a fragile butterfly that grace these flower petals with your smile.
It is called love.
The way you float in and out of the window towards sunset.
Everything you touch changes and grow.
You are a magician with your sparkling wand and bottomless top hat.
You are a pair of black wings that represent the time between dusk and dawn.
It is called freedom.
And you bellow your self-proclaimed cause into the wind.
Nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.
Even if your fragile wings break and dissolve.
Because, nothing can stop a pair of black wings with no soul or body.
You don't allow time to wait for pleasant scenaries
Because, you don't understand the meaning of love.
And I can't teach you, no matter how hard I try.
You are everything and yet you are nothing.


bakayabi said...

God. That is so damn beautiful. You did it again.

Bathwater said...

To often people are everything and nothing to us. Those are the most painful individuals to be around.

Julie said...

Oh, I've read that story.

Philosophia said...

dark and beautiful words. x

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