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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is this Summer or is this Hell?

I'm lying on my bedroom floor, pressing myself low as possible to avoid the heat.
My long hair is tied back. There is no hair sticking to my face. Sweat drips down my forehead like the chills of a paranormal activity. My fingers inch towards my tank top, tempted to rip it off and walk around with my breasts exposed. Fuck proper decency, when I'm dying of heat stroke or maybe my hallucinations of an oasis indoors will kill myself off first.

The walls dances ring-a-ring-a-roses around my head. I fling open the refrigerator door and stick my head  into the temporary Antarctica. I grab cubes of ice and my palm rubs them against the smooth of my bare stomach underneath the soaked cotton. Bliss. The ice melts in a few minutes. Screw this! I yank a bucket next to the fridge and hurl ice into it until it's filled to the brim. Crawling to my bathtub, I pour the ice in and turn on the cold tap. Nothing beats this unbearable heat like a bathtub of ice.

I barely stripped out of my clothes and I'm already drowning in the welcoming water. I finger the ringlets of water dripping off my skin and sigh in contentment. I rinse my flowing hair and imagine this is what mermaids feel every day. Bliss.

Summer could go jump off a cliff. He is the unneeded wife beater with his worn out whipping belt and bellowing voice dripping of alcohol. Bring back Winter any day! She is the nurturing mother that sings lullabies in your sleep. Summer is the spoilt daughter of Hades if he ever had one.

And she can go screw herself!


Bathwater said...

Your words make summer sound very hot and steamy but not in the way I think you meant...or maybe you did. Either way, I'd gladly endure the heat in the same room with you :).

Eva said...

You are masterful with your words. The heat reaches out from this.

Barry said...

As if I didn't already want to experience an Australian summer badly enough. There's a soft eroticism to this post that makes the sound of summer that much more alluring.

Whether or not that was your intent this was beautifully written Lucy. And to top it off you got Eva's stamp of approval! :)

PS: It's about 10 Celcius here right now, wanna trade?

Lovesick Fool said...

Bathwater: Haha, thank you. Yeah, it was intentional.
Eva: Thank you, much appreciated. =]
Barry: Haha, I would totally switch with you any day. Thank you.

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