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Monday, November 21, 2011


She says, words come cheap these days.
He says, all I want is a chance.

She shakes her head; words are beautifully crafted like ice sculptures. Intricate, magical but their time is not limitless. They are fragile. They break and melt. They lose their form.

She says, I'm afraid I will get hurt.
He says, I'll only ever be gentle. 

I can never be cruel. You are too precious, like a fragile puppy waiting for love but will bark at everyone because it's lonely.

She says, I believe you but I don't trust my heart.
He says, Who can you trust if not your own heart?

My heart is a broken kaleidoscope. Everything is beautifully twisted like a drunkard high on morphine. I can see the rose-tinted smiles and the triangular shapes of cloud-like dreams. What I can't see are the millions of possibilities that this ice cream truck will swerve off a cliff. But I trust you.

She says, I'll only ever trust you.


Bathwater said...

Action! Tell him, "don't tell me show me. Show me when you don't think I am looking. Show me in every movement you make when you are with me. Show me in the little things you do...and then I might believe your words."

Lovesick Fool said...

Bathwater: Haha, thank you. Action is indeed important, it reinforces the meanings of words. Words say you care, actions show that you care

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