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Sunday, January 29, 2012

All I need is silence and someone to hold

Sometimes, life can get overwhelming with all it's mishaps, constant obstacles and wave-crashing amount of pressure. It's during these times where it's easy to fall apart. Little things. Just a cycle of little wrong things can set you to tears and you spend hours hiding in your room crying because you can't explain to anyone why you're so upset. You just are.

You are physically, mentally and emotionally tired. There is a constant hammering going inside your head for days and no matter how much panadol you take, the pain doesn't go away. Your muscles ache from doing God knows what. You're sleep deprived when all you want to do is close your eyes and possibly never wake up. Your house has become a place where you want to escape from as often as possible. As soon as you return home, you're tired again. There's just so much noise. There is never quiet. When all you need is silence to calm your collapsing nerves.

All I need is silence and someone to hold while I try to recollect all my broken pieces.

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