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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Distant Star

I’m lying with my stomach on my bed, my pen scrawling words onto paper. I’m writing you a love song with lyrics only you will understand. But has a melody you probably won’t be able to hear. Because to you, I don’t yet exist. My name is an unborn foetus waiting to be spoken from your lips. Hurry up and realise that I love you. Don’t be ignorant forever.

    You are like a distant star. Smiling and singing from that far away place. Only your voice travels through the radio, encouraging me to run towards you. You are my goal. The finish line with the fluttering chequered flag. If I keep on running, if I reach towards your shining light, one day you will be within my grasp. 

     For now, I’ll be content with strumming this simple song, quietly waiting for the day we share the same stage. Together, we’ll cast a spell over the audience, “You’ve fallen for me.” Every day, in my head, I’m day dreaming of the moment we meet. That day, you will no longer be a distant wish but have become a reality. So hurry up and realise that I love you.

1 comment:

Bathwater said...

I are very optimistic, it is hard to share those sentiments right now.

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