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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sanctuary: Part One

Note:Dream inspired and apparently my dream was based on X-men.
- - - - - - - - - 

We’re playing thumb war under the desk like children. Madame Blanchefleur strides through the rows of tables, her crisp brown eyes sweep pass us, a warning. Behave. I giggle as Noah’s fingers tickle my palm. ‘We’ve been caught.’ I whisper. Noah grins back at me, ‘It’s okay. I’ll protect you.’

‘Chloe Bernard and Noah Theodore, did you not hear me clearly?’

‘Yes, Madame Blanchefleur.’ We chorus. Madame Blanchefleur is caring but very strict. There are rules that we must always obey and there’s a reason for that.

‘And what is the number one rule we must always follow, Miss Bernard?’

I stand up straight, my arms held behind my back. As the student president, I must be a leading example for the other students. I speak in a clear voice, to remind even the one or two students sleeping in the back row, the rule we must never forget.

‘Number one: we cannot ever use our gifts on those ungifted. Unless for self-defence.’

‘Good. Mr Theodore, what is rule number two?’

I glance to my side. Noah is always beside me as the vice-president. We’ve always been protecting each other ever since we met on the streets as children. There are only three rules in this school. It’s easy to recite but hard to remember when we leave the safety net of the school gates.

‘Number two: Our gifts are from God, they are a privilege not a right. So we must have discipline.’

‘Good. Both of you may sit.’

We sit down and smile at each other in relief. Our positions in the student council are safe once again. Our eyes turn to the front as Madame Blanchefleur continues speaking. Her voice is clear and warm. A voice that demands respect.

‘Rule number three: The true identity of this school must remain a secret.’

Everyone in class reply as one voice. The last rule is a given. If the school’s secret is found out by the public, our safety would be jeopardised. We don’t want to give up our peaceful days. We don’t want to return to those days of living on the streets. Our own parents feared and abandoned us. Madame Blanchefleur is our mentor and saviour.

‘Now, as everyone must know by now, we have a football match with The Gentlemen’s school of Sports tomorrow night. Please always remember the school rules and play fairly for a fun and safe game. Class dismissed.’

We walk to the courtyard for lunch. Isabelle and Ivan are already sitting under our tree. Noah smirks as we drop our bags onto the grass. He eyes the others slyly, ‘Hey, have you heard? We’re playing against The Gentlemen’s school of Sports tomorrow.’

Isabelle and Ivan grin back. Noah nudges my arm and purrs into my ear, ‘Looking forward to seeing your boyfriend?’ I giggle as I push him away. We live in a boarding school and are only allowed out off the school grounds on weekends. Only those in the student council are allowed afternoon trips to town to run errands or buy supplies.

Noah pats me on the head and ruffles my hair. I unpack the containers of packed food I cooked for lunch. Cooking for a group is easy for me. I’m very skilled with multi-tasking. Noah and Ivan lunge for the food. I levitate the food into the air, out of their reach. The boys pout dejectedly. I roll my eyes and Isabelle laughs. Boys will always be boys.

‘Now now, boys. Ladies first.’

As soon as Isabelle and I grab our lunch boxes, the boys are shovelling down food. Ivan manages to talk after swallowing a mouthful, ‘Now Chloe, even if he’s your boyfriend, we won’t go easy on him.’
I smirk, ‘It’s okay. You don’t need to; after all they’re a sports school. I’m sure they’re going to give you a run for your money.’


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written! I found your post to my absolute liking, each day your only finding more ways to amaze me.

Lucy Nguyen said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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