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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Corpse Bride

Strangled throat with red hand marks.
Tear stained cheeks and blotched mascara.
Hollowed eye sockets, searching for an escape.
I’m a skeleton bride walking down the aisle.
Decaying skin peels for wriggling maggots.
White boned hands grasping on a thin thread.
There is something suffocating,
about a chained ring finger.
Inescapable. Unbreathable.
Noose hangs from my neck.
I can’t breathe through your hold on me.
Feels like I’m the walking dead.
Or I have been buried alive.
Bloodied nails clawing at unopened casket.
I’m screaming but I can’t be heard.
Chewed up tongue lost between brittle teeth.
Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Barry said...

Woah I guess we know how you feel about marriage!

I love love the intensity and darkness this piece possesses, it's very visual. Your writing is becoming increasingly diverse Lucy. Well done! :)

Eva said...

To me this probably resonates differently than it would to others. I feel a chain to love here, not a freedom in it. Very powerful.

tad bit messy said...

It's so intense! Like you can almost see it playing out in front of your eyes. I can feel the heavy feel of being bound in a relationship. Scary thought.

Anonymous said...

holy terrors, you've written this poem so well it is giving me chills.

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