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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forgive me for my negligence

So I know I haven't been the best blogger lately. . .

But I have good reasons, I swear!

I've been working a lot. And I've been writing a lot. Bits and pieces. Paragraphs and chapters. A manuscript is slowly but surely on the way. I've been playing around with the title. So far, I've come up with, "Grasping onto Thin Air" or "Lingering". I think I like Lingering more but I wonder if it's a too obvious name? The story is about Emma, someone who is desperately trying to hold onto the connection she has with Josh, even though that bond was meant to have been broken years ago. It's a story about how blind our emotions can make us. It's a story about striving hard to battle the demons that haunt our nightmares and finding happiness in every day life. And finally, it's a story about learning when to let go and move forward.

So any title suggestions? Anything symbolic or meaningful would be wonderful.

I wanted to get people's opinions about the manuscript so I was considering doing a blovel but I would like to pitch this to publishers eventually and many traditional publishers prefer manuscripts that haven't been published anywhere before. So I'm thinking of either setting up a private blovel and allowing a select few access or sending chapters as emails around to the select few who would be interested in reading and reviewing.

What do you think? All opinions and ideas are appreciated.

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