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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 10: Fear

I stepped out of the rav4 into the skin biting cold air. Winter is fast approaching. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a man lingering around the car park. Probably just waiting for someone.

'Excuse me, can I please have two dollars for the train?'

I glanced at the man with both his hands outstretched. I recognised him. He had asked me for money before. A few months ago. Last year. The year before and the year before that. I have memorised his face. I was never going to give him money. Not when it was clearly not for a train ticket.

'Sorry, no.'

I shook my head and continued walking. And that was the end of that. But it was not. Hearing footsteps trailing after me, I turned around. He was following me.

'Can I please have money?'

I gripped my handbag hard, so hard until my knuckles turned white and took in a deep breathe, 'No, I'm not giving you money.' I spun around and with my heart beating hard against my ribbcage, I sped up my walking. Da-thump, da-thump, da-thump. Trot. Trot. Trot. He was still following me. Shit. Why the hell was he still following me?

'Can I please have some money?'


Run. Run. Run. I ran away. I just kept on running until I couldn't hear his footsteps. Or his breathing. So I could no longer hear the words, "Can I please have some money".

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