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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost over

Time is slowly slipping away. Like an hour glass, once the end is reached, a new beginning starts. There may be many things you have still regrets for but please don't forget that time is infinity.

However, also a word of advise, Time Waits For No One. If there is any lingering desires for this year, don't wait any longer and complete them, because you will only regret when the oppotunity will no longer be there.

New Year's Eve is a time of celebration with friends and family to welcome the upcoming year. It signals a new start so remember to enjoy yourself and only for a while forget troubles.

For myself, I love fireworks so naturally I'll be enjoying them.

I have a feeling that the year of 2010 is going to be big. Its a start of a new decade and a start for many things!
Enjoy your life to the fullest and learn from mistakes.

I believe, that New Year Resolutions are like wishes, considered to be close to be impossible so thats why we still have goals which people actually work hard for.

This Year my New Year's Resolution is simple:

               I wish to find Happiness.

Happy New Year !!!!!!

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