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Friday, January 22, 2010

Forget Me Not

There is a short tale that goes with these little blue flowers and I'm sorry that it is slightly depressing. Long ago, a knight and his beautiful lover were walking by a river. The knight loves his lady very much and wanted to find something lovely to give her. Just so happens, he discovers some sweet blue flowers by the river's edge and decided to pluck them for his lover. However, while picking those flowers, he slips into the river and drowns by the weight of his armour but before dying he threw the flowers to his lover.

His last words were: " Forget me not !!"

On a similar topic, I recently started reading this manga series called Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. This manga, I believe is a must read for believers in true love and true strength. It's a story of a long struggling journey of many dimensions and worlds to recover the memories of a love one. But the price is high to have the aid to travel dimensions and the price for the protagonist is his most precious possession. To him the most precious thing is the actual relationship between him and his most important person.
So in the end, even if he can recover her memories and save her life, she will never remember him. . .

To me, that would be devastating but I think it would take a lot of determination, patience and love to do such a thing but than again, there is no price on true love.
I believe that doing something like that would be very difficult and truly heartbreaking because no matter what, no matter who you are, everyone wants to be remembered by their most important person. Because, you want to be someone significant in their life as they are in yours.

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