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Friday, January 22, 2010

Unneeded driving instructor

So I just got my driving license on Tuesday and already have been playing chauffeur for my brothers, my mother and my drunk uncle. Now, I didn't mind driving my mother to the shops or my brother to his cram school but driving my drunk uncle home last night was far from pleasant.

During the ride to his house, my uncle took it upon himself to distract me as much as possible by "teaching" me to drive but from what I remember I know how to drive because I just got my license. The thing was he was being more dangerous than of help. His hands were everywhere, pointing in all directions and getting in my face so that I have trouble driving. Also, apparently, I suck at turning corners so took it upon himself to grab the wheel while I'm driving.

If that wasn't dangerous, I don't know what is. . .Oh wait, maybe the fact that he told me to reverse without looking at the back of my car !!

I am so glad that it was around 12am. . .so that there were not any innocent bystanders to get injured by my uncle's so called teaching.

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