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Monday, January 4, 2010

I want. . .

I want a man who is mature as I am.
I want a man who treats me as an adult.
I want someone who sees all of me and accepts, gladly or begrudgingly
I want someone who tells me truthfully, all my flaws
I want a man who doesn't lie and if he does can admit so

I don't want a guy who pretends who he is not because that really isn't him
I don't want a man who makes promises and still does things behind my back

I don't want someone who fucking reads my journal and says he fucking doesn't!

I don't want someone like my ex-boyfriend because though he pretended he was a nice guy, he really wasn't all that great.

I don't want someone who badmouths their childhood friend just because he isn't the one being admired.

Who I want, is a guitarist.
Who I want, is smart but is actually hard-working.
Who I want, is more mature than I
Who I want treats me maturely,
Who I want respects me

Who I want, doesn't want me


Anonymous said...

i feel you dear. =(
that last line especially:

'who i want, doesnt want me'

that hit too closely to home... cause i think... i think its because it rings truth. to my situation. im very superstitious and take signs seriously. i wonder if this is one for me???

Anna said...

your so young...
those are the type of men that are hardest to find.
...but so worth it.
wishing you the best.

Lovesick Fool said...

Indeed, men like that are hard to find so I think you shouldn't let go because you won't ind anyone like him again.
I hope Ellie that your situation will better ^^

mysterg said...

It's good that you know what you want, but a word of caution...part of the fun of finding out what you want is finding out what you don't want...your happiness does not depend on others and who they are, it depends on you.

Unrequieted love is attractive precisely because that person is unobtainable, but the truth is often less attractive when they are obtained...perhaps you should adjust your sights slightly.

Lovesick Fool said...

@ mysterg: First, I would like to say, I am honoured to have you commenting on my post.

Thank you Mysterg for the warning but I am already aware of the "What ifs?" or "What happens after?".

Maybe indeed, I only want him because I can't have him but I know that isn't all together true. Because, I have known him for a while now and I love him for being him. I am aware of his flaws but I also love him for it too.

Though, I won't forget your advise, so once again thank you.

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