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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Outragous but Refreshing

Today is one of those days, where its so unbearably hot that it feels like the sun is literally beating down on you with a baseball bat.
Its one of those days, where you just want to pull off all your clothes and walk around butt naked to ease the temperature on your delicate burning skin. I would gladly walk around inside my house naked except for the fact that I have male relatives. . .so that plan is screwed.

Another, beloved fantasy that many people have is bathing in a bathtub full of ice cubes. Ohhh what heavenly feel it would have. Imagine: Dipping a toe into the tub and feel a shiver run up your thighs and the tingling sensation on your finger tips. Then, holding your breath, you jump into your miniature Antartic Ocean. Pure heaven. . .

However, I'll pull you away from that refreshing image and drag or if I must; hurl you into my reality. The reality is that I'm currently in my my house's garage which has been transformed into a make shift jamming joint for my brother's band. In this garage is the second computer that my house owns and which I'm using because my brother is hogging the other.

Now, this doesn't sound that bad so far but let me explain; the garage walls are creamy painted bricks and outside is 32' C. Australia's summer is an unbearable summer of hot, dry and humid oven full of heat waves. And it doesn't help my case that the computer also produces its own warmth.

Why can't someone invent a computer that comes with an air conditioner ???!!!!

1 comment:

Barry said...

I know you wrote this many months ago in the midst of an Australian summer. Still, as I read this on a chilly Canadian fall evening I can't help but wish I was in that garage.

I love Australia!!

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