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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am not dying and not planning to die anytime soon however, if there is a chance that my life ends suddenly without my knowing. . .I have one regret.

I know within my heart that my greatest regret is that he will never understand my true feelings. My wish for his happiness even without me. My desire for our broken friendship. Our love of words. All broken and cannot be mended. Because. . .

Hidden away in my journal is an unread letter. A letter meant for him and only him. Not known by anyone but myself. On the last day that I were to ever see him, he didn't come and I missed my chance to give it to him.

I regret that he will never understand that from the beginning, my true wish was for his happiness.
Because a letter that will never be read.

My greatest regret is simply this. . .an unread letter.



katieleigh said...


Vencora said...

feelings such as this are hard to have, i know

Anonymous said...

im sad now.
but your words are beautiful as always.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Kateileigh: *tears*
@Vencora: I don't know if I can ever move forward from these feelings.
@Ellie: I'm happy to at least be able to create beauty from darkness.

ooohjodi said...

awh :[
there are no other words to explain how i feel when i read this.
theres just a sad sigh.

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