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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chance Encounter. . .

I am still waiting for my fated one. . .

So I start university this year at ACU (Australian Catholic University)  which wasn't my 1st choice but going to university at all is great.
At first I couldn't decide whether to choose climate science or Bach Arts because I am choosing between two passions: saving the environment and writing. In the end, I had to think realistically whether or not I will enjoy the course and whether I will survive for the next few years.
So after much consideration, I chose BA Arts.

I didn't really like the idea of going to ACU at first. It felt wrong. I wasn't Catholic, not even the slightest bit and don't plan on ditching my precious religion (Buddhism).

I am a romantic in every sense and I am always waiting and hoping for fated encounters or meeting my destined one. It is clear that I have indeed met someone but he long ago had his heart taken and I for 3 years have been watching in from afar.

I decided that university would be a great place for a new beginning and fated encounters
but the thought, 'I won't meet my fated one in such a place' ran through my mind while I waited for my course advisor. You see, I am not racist or anything but having been raised by traditional Vietnamese parents, they always wanted me to marry someone of my own race and that belief has been nailed into me since young.

However, soon through the corner of my eye, I saw a someone. He sat a few meters away from me. He was an asian boy. From where I sat, I could see him clearly and noticed something red around his neck. There is only one thing that is red that hangs around an asian's neck and that is a buddhist pendent.

I found out from him that we will be doing the same course but I don't know if we'll have the same units or same timetable. I am glad that I found someone to talk to amongst all these strangers so I hope I will be in the same classes as him.

But I realised that I never asked for his name. . .


Anonymous said...

oh my... good luck with all that! seems like your going to be busy! ah, and it's very romantic how you bet that guy.
your life should be novel, seriously. or an anime! XD
but here's to wishing you tons of luck! and ask for his name next time! XO

Lovesick Fool said...

@Ellie: Thank you but I'm not sure that my life would be very interesting as a novel.

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