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Monday, March 1, 2010

Shedding skin

First off a bit of Australian info. Some of the native Australian trees don't shed leaves but instead they shed their barks leaving behind a nice smooth surface. Cool huh? If you look closely some gumtrees have scribble lines caused by worms/caterpillars crawling underneath the bark. . .


Sitting under the canopy of heaven, I study the fine lines underneath the bark that is ready to slip free of its binding. Its almost Autumn but Summer is not yet willing to let go. The days are still people suffering in saunas. Just like myself. I'm almost over but the feelings still linger, holding its non-existing promises in my heart. I wonder how long before the skin is shed to reveal a beautiful new born.

I want to be reborn too. To experience life from the start and do things differently but just like how tree's bark grows darker with age it cannot become pale again. However, life as you mature is wonderful in every way even though its different than desired. To only dream of foreign star leaves and forget about the nearby gums will be lonely.

I silently sleep across the aging tree's lap; waiting for the morrow. Tell me wise tree, does shredding the past make you stronger? I know that, secretly you want to be like the others who gather the past in piles of leaves for children to jump in.

I am closest to Autumn than the other seasons. Like Autumn, who shred the old, I am slowly shredding my feelings. Every time I give up on him, I skin a little more of my rough ugly bark and something new shines from underneath. Under the chocolate bark are scribbles of new hope. I know one that I will meet my destined lover. But sometimes, I question and doubt that faith. Faith is a slowly crumbling pavement under my feet. Someone help me. Pull me up from this slumber. . .

In my dream there is a gentle voice. I wake to the scribbles on the smooth trunk: I love you always
Walking in the distance is a tall figure.

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