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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Words from Someone else

I have always written stories about others or stories based on my own experience but they all were from my own perspective. Having someone else write a prose about me was quite in a way shocking. You won't know what people are really thinking about you until they actually say so.
"He will come, at the right time" were the last words from the prose "She" by Shulamite from Ardent Zeals
My good friend Shula may be young but she has obtained wisdom beyond her years. Knowledge comes from experience and she like a lot of us experienced many things. She is new to the Bloggosphere so please give her a warm welcome. ^^

Its good, once in a while to see yourself through someone else's eyes. Things you weren't able to see from your side may be viewed from where they stand. Sometimes, you'll come to an understanding. Sometimes, you'll find the answer. Unfortunately, I have not found my answer in her words but instead I've found something almost as good. A reminder. Her words are a reminder that there are people around me who also cares and loves me. They might not be the answer I seek but they'll be with me until then. If its not too conceited or selfish, could you stay with me, always?

I've read her post so many times but these words always strike me:

"Funny how many are fooled with a smile, yet only a few can see the character of sorrow in the eyes. She wonders if anyone can come and save her before she loses everything that's inside her. Will the day come when everything will fall into place? Her eyes are focused on one person. A wall that she somehow let form, blocks the view of others standing by her. Her eyes are fixed out in the distance; not noticing everyone who already love her. Can you love us for now? "

Every time I read this I feel so guilty. I know that there are people who love and care for me and I don't mean to ignore their existence because the few people that truly understand me are precious. Every time I read this I feel like hugging someone and telling them "Please don't abandon me. Please stay with me. Thank you for always being there." My reply to this post always will be "I'm sorry I never noticed. I'm sorry if I didn't notice the help. Thank you those you always cared. I will love you."

    Sometimes, I'm so focused on one goal. One longing. That I get hurt easily and fail so many times that I become desperate and lonely. I forget that I have friends that will support me. I forget the bonds I've made years ago or new bonds that could be made.

Sometimes, when I walk I get lost. And sometimes, I have tunnel vision.

Thank you Shula.


Anonymous said...

Thank you too Lucy! I didn't really expect you to write about this ._. i was really shocked when you did. Well I just wrote that because I wanted for you to smile, since you've been down lately. anyways, alot of people loooove you.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Shula: Thank you^^ It did make me smile and also cry at the smae time. But then again, I easily get teary.

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