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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is real?

 This is a response to a response of my previous post called: Days

Someone said that if I write something real, he'll actually read my writing.
What is real? Define real. It is different to different people.
Are my feelings not real?
My feelings are real. That's why they don't make any damn sense.
I want to write something more pleasing, something more happy but
It feels so fake. So cliche. Not real.
I feel that I'm not suited to write a happy ending just yet. The timing is off.
And I know that might be excuses for my lack of skills but I'm working on it.
Right now, the words just tangle amongst themselves. And I'm trying to make sense of my emotions.
I can take criticism when it comes to my writing because I always want to improve.
Don't ever say that my feelings aren't real.
Its me entirely, so don't say that I'm not real.
I can't take that.


Richii's Blog x] said...


I got your back lucy!

P.s. Everything you write has a meaning, has some significance.
Don't let anyone pull you down, otherwise ima have to pull you back up.
Cos im tank =).

Richii. x

Lovesick Fool said...

@Richard: lol thank you Richard^^
That means a lot.

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