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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So recently, I started writing a novel. It's not really progressing much but I wrote snippets here and there when ideas come to mind. I already sort of have the whole plot in my head but the ending is changeable. I figured if I write a bit every day or at least every week that the novel shall be completed by the time I graduate university. Every now and then I will post snippets of the novel to share with you my beloved Lovesick Fools. Only snippets though, because publishing companies frown upon having copies of novels on the internet.

Title: Dear Unknowing

Idea behind the title: It's a story of a unrequited love towards a childhood friend. Throughout the novel, at the beginning of every chapter will be a letter addressed to person called "Unknowing". To play with the word "unknowing" that person will remain nameless. That is why the novel is titled "Dear Unknowing"

Plot summary: He was someone Emma knew when younger but then because of family circumstances, she moved to another town and so they became separated. Years later, they met again when she returned to that same town. Things were like how they used to be but then she started having feelings for him. After that everything started falling apart and they came to be strangers. But she still secretly hoped for a future with him. So everyday, she would write a letter addressed to him but never sending it. However, one day Emma realised, that she couldn't continue to live like that any more and decided to move on.

Here is a little snippet (Tell me what you think^^):

I could feel the warmth of her throat through my fingers, the pulsing of her blood underneath my skin. Her glass eyes reflected the anguish in my own. Her pale cracked lips let out gasps of mercy but I don't hear her voice. All I want is her death. Her non-existence. Die so that I alone would be the only name your lips caress. My love is enough. In order for you to see only me, I would do anything. You only need me.
    I wake to the weepy morning and realised that everything was a mere dream. Cold-hearted tears trickle down my cheeks. I want it to be real. I want a world where there is only you and me. Love could transform the most pure angel into the very Devil himself.

Love is ugly.



Vencora said...

you have a definite skill for writing, and i like your plan of writing a little bit each day, or at least each week. the problem with my stories is that i'll start them, be really excited about them for a couple days, then set them down for a little too long and forget about them. poor neglected little stories. :P

Lovesick Fool said...

@Vencora: lol I had a problem with writing stories when I was younger. I would start heaps of stories but then reading over them, I would hate it so I rips them all. So concentrating on one at a time is good. ^^

Eva said...

First off, I love the premise for the novel. You have a real solid idea there. Second, the snippet was great. I makes me want to read more :) You have a way with words that makes the reader not only see them, but feel them.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Eva: THAAANNK YOU!!!!^^ Hearing that from you who I admire fills my heart with rainbows!!!^^

Anonymous said...

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