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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alpha males and Male idiocy

I seem to be unable to stick to one blog design. After a while, I get bored of it and change, so my blog constantly changes background.....But I think I finally found the ONE. It's the sky!!! I absolutely love the sky whether its day or night, I could sit and gaze at it forever.
Any who, onto today's post.....

 It is well known that in nature, males of a species generally mammals, fight for the role of the Alpha male.
 Sometimes, its a fight to the death and with lions, the cub of the previous Alpha male are killed by the new leader. I suppose, an official leader is needed to ensure the smooth running of their community but how does that explain men?

It is as though I'm living in the jungle. The men and boys around me are always competing with each other, trying to determine who is the superior being. Methods of decision, come in many forms from beating your enemy at pool to who has the most kill on COD (Call of duty) to who can get most of the girls' attention to the most primitive form: Physical strength.

Some of the things males do to prove their supremacy is so idiotic such as who is brave (moronic) enough to jump off my house's balcony to who can watch Two Girls One Cup without vomiting (DON'T EVER WATCH IT!!!) to who is the last one to get drunk to who can climb to the highest branch on a tree.

Males seem to have a lot of pride and consider it to be extremely important to be the dominant one when there is another male nearby. It just goes to show that even though humans claim to be far more civilised than other species, we're still animals.

I personally don't care who is the alpha male between my brother and our cousin because as the eldest in the family, after my parents, my word is absolute. I'm the Alpha. Muahahaha!!!


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Male competition exists whenever two males are together. We witness it daily and I try to understand it in the human race. Females will bond more (at least for the majority of the time.)
I have become the alpha in the family due to so many deaths. It can be quite lonely there at times.

Lovesick Fool said...

@One Woman's Thoughts: yes, I've been trying to understand it in humans too but yet it still confuses me. Sometimes, its pretty entertaining to watch.
I'm sorry about your loss.

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

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