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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Literature Blog Sundays

This semester, my new Literature lecturer made everyone start a Literature blog with Wordpress. I'm having fun with it so far because who would pass up a chance to share writing? Not me!! Everything in that blog is unfortunately supervised and locked behind the university's firewall. My lecturer of course wanted our writing to be shared with the entire Bloggosphere but the university said "Nope".

So being the resourceful person that I am, I decided to just merely post copies of my Lit blog here for my beloved Lovesick Fools. I would hate for you to miss out on my writing.

My Landscape

Outside my window, the world is a sleeping womb. It’s an ocean of far away eyes that will never fall into my palm. Slipping on my coat, I tiptoe pass the rooms of my slumbering family. As quietly as possible I slide open the door to our balcony. And I’m enveloped by the kiss of the Winter night.

My breath flows out of me like butterflies that flutters onto the hide away moon. I lean against the railing and watch as tears fall from the roses in the garden. Street lights peek out from the tall gum trees and guide moths to their silent doom. A shadowy silhouette taps footprints into murky puddles as I duck down hiding myself. My heart only slowed once he was no longer in my sight. In the distance, I can hear the humming of lonely drivers on the highway and wonder whether they’re going home or on a journey.

Slowly, the world was waking to a blush of vermilion. Clouds toy with the sun that’s crawling from the horizon and the moon returns to her sleep. A kookaburra laughs at the early morning as life begins once again. The sky paints clouds of peach and a background of bright blue.
Looks like it’s going to be a clear day.


Vencora said...

thank you for taking the time to repost this here. it was quite lovely to read. ^_^

Lovesick Fool said...

@Vencora: No problems. I love sharing my work with you. I'm glad you liked it.^^

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