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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cat and Mouse

Let’s play a game of chasies and see who gives up first. The cat who loves to chase. Or the mouse who loves to hide. You run circles round my head and I fall into your little mouse traps. I’m left with a punctured rib but you won’t hear me calling your name.

You feed me red herrings and I give you moulded cheese. These exchanges are petty. But they leave my heart yearning. And you, a wide grin.
This is becoming repetitive. But it’s too fun to stop. Let's see who will win this Lover's game. You or me.

1 comment:

Barry said...

This makes me think. We all profess to hate games yet we all seem to play them to a degree don't we, no matter how old we are. I'm in my forties and I see no less evidence of this now than twenty years ago.

Does the thrill of the chase ever end? The continuing ebb and flow of getting or being 'got'? Once the game is over and we're left with our prey is the shine taken off the mystery? Is it any less sweet?

I'm here through Eva's blog, I read your comment on her latest post and decided to drop by to visit you here. Why? You capitalized the words Life and Love, which intrigued me. They're the core of my blog and my writing. Funny how people connect on the thinnest, most innocuous threads. Yet here I am, and I'm following you.

And by the way, some of the smallest girls I've known have had the biggest hearts. I've read some of your writing, you stand taller than you think. :)

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