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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Even to this day, you are still important
Like a caterpillar yearning for the moon
Your name lingers on my lips.
I always return to those days of long nights
And half asleep eyes with a pained smile
You remain an important person;
Even if one day you'll forget me
But I won't, you.
Because, you were the one that woken me
To the beginning of strong feelings.
Without you, there would not ever be
The poet, the romantic, the dreamer,
The lover.
Thank you.


scattered-strings said...

There's always that ONE person in our life. Whether it ended bad or terrible.

Philosophia said...

That one word, your post title, is a word I LOVE. How incredible are our memories? They often cause us such despair, yet they lift us to great heights of creativity and beauty. Your post is awesome - it speaks to me in so many ways, as I could not agree more that our ability to write such beautiful things is inspired by those people who visit our stations much like trains, very briefly, yet leave permanent tracks on our hearts. :)

Lovesick Fool said...

@scattered-strings: Isn't bad and terrible the same thing? But yeah, I get what you mean. There is always that ONE person who you'll never forget.
@Philosophia: I agree. Those people who we only know briefly are important because they affect us so.

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