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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Uncertain path

I wobble and skip along the pebbled path to somewhere.
Where light and clouded darkness meet in a single place.
They twirl around my fingers and brush along my earlobe,
whispering promises I can't hear and neither wanting.
My pink faded toes are streaked with stains of wine
That bind me to the claws of yesterday.
Yesterday is today gone passed.
And today is tomorrow that just came.
They are all the same. Yet slightly different.
Why do we often let tomorrow become yesterday?
When it should always remain today.
In the distance, exploding flowers and bodies
of sweat celebrate the passing of time.
The future is uncertain like a drunken man
blindly searching for the street home.
Where should I go this year?
Turn left into half-open eyes of pool shallow smiles.
Walk to the right into hands of open chances that are tightrope thin.
My feet are quivering and my hands have no where to grip.
So lets hold onto each others hands and brace the icy waves.
Maybe we'll find happiness in fireflies that live forever.
Or maybe we'll get lost on the way.
But at least we're not alone.
And anything is better than that.


Vencora said...

oh, that's so pretty!

Eva said...

Time feels like it's slipping away sometimes. Especially when the year changes. This was a lovely poem.

Philosophia said...

This is a beautiful poem. :)

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