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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding dream

Today, I was dreaming of a wedding. My own wedding to be exact. I wore a beautiful white lace wedding dress that trailed onto forever. It was a river of pale cherry blossoms and kisses from family. I stepped elegantly onto the dance floor with not the groom by my side but the Best man.

He leads me gently by my gloved fingertips then hesitates before holding me close. We sway to the smoothing music and I lean on his shoulders as I watch the room spin. We spin and spin. The Dj switches to a fast paced song. And we spin and spin. Faster and faster. I never slipped out of his grasp. His hold was firm.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the groom weaving between tables towards our direction. I looked up at my dance partner and signaled for him to stop. He shook his head and held me more tightly. I pulled away from him, 'We should stop now.' Still, he said not a word, his hand latched onto mine like a locked jigsaw piece. He was always like this. If he never wanted me to leave his side, he should have revealed his true feelings. However, they were always hidden away. He always frustrated me with his silence.

'Why won't you let go!'

He lets go and walked away, merging into the crowd of colours. I didn't search for him. I walked into the welcoming arms of my smiling groom.

I woke up and returned to reality.

So why did that dream feel so familiar?


julieecupcake said...

I also feel that your dream is somewhat familiar.

LovkynÄ› said...

intriguing. your dream seems to highlight some essential parts of the nature of love.

Eva said...

Hmm you should look that one up in a dream book.

katieleigh said...

verrrrry interesting and intriguing, i like!

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