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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haunting my dreams

I dream of you more than anyone else.
You are like the mist that surrounds me.
You're always around me.
And nothing I do ever helps.

Everytime you leave me
Its like I'm plunged into water
Its because you already got her
So please just leave me be.

Please stop plaguing my dreams.
I hate having you so far yet so near.
I hate having these feelings for you, Dear.
Because you can't hear my silent screams.


KosmicAngel said...

It really sucks to have dreams about that person you want, escpecially when they are already taken..

bakayabi said...

My sentiments exactly. :(

Philosophia said...

I can relate on this one. For the longest time, I've been having the same conflict; it does get easier eventually, or until we find someone else, someone who sweeps us away even more than the previous person. I hope you find that.

This is a beautiful poem, and very true.


Eva said...

I wish they could hear the silent screams. They deserve to most of the time.

LovkynÄ› said...

it's always annoying when we're just going about our lives doing whatever and then another dream of someone we're trying not to think about shows up to knock us off kilter.

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