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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Desperate little girl

You know you're desperate for a boyfriend when you check out every cute guy within 5 metres from you.

The nice boy with dreadlocks from class who spends his free time helping homeless people.
The cute cashier boy from the grocery store who gave you a warm smile as you left.
Your brother's friend who constantly worries whether or not you'll be raped by housemates.
The friendly boy who catches the same bus home with you every week.
The really kind martial arts instructor who offered to drive you to your brother.
Your family friend who got a growth spurt a few years back and is suddenly a hunk.

Yeah.... This list can go on forever.


bakayabi said...

Well... at least they're really nice people. I don't think it's called getting desperate; I think it's justified sine they have really positive attributes.

Desperate would be flinging yourself at every guy for no reason and asking for it =/

Free Spirited said...

Don't worry Lucy! You'll surely find him! You never know, he might be hiding behind the trash can. -shrugs- Its possible!

Eva said...

I'd say you know you're desperate when you start gravitating to any human who shows any amount of affection, whether you'd really be interested in them or not.

Loneliness hurts sometimes.

safa7_karmooz said...

This Des prate little girl , There another desperate Little Boy waiting Her , so don't worry You Gonna Meet Him sooner or later =)

I loved how you searching about That man =D

Have a nice weekend ;)

Lovesick Fool said...

Thanks for the comments guys!
Bakayabi: Hahaha, you're right that would be down right desperate.
Free Spirited: Awwwww, thanks Shula. Though I doubt he'll be behind the rubbish bin, lol.
Eva: I know what you mean. When lonely, the first person to be affecrionate seems so alluring at the time.
Safa: Thank you =]

Philosophia said...

Cute post and your potential suitors sound like they could each be a good catch in their own way, so you never know! Have fun, enjoy being young, you will eventually cross paths with the right one. if you don't find him first, it might just mean he has to find you. ;)

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