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Monday, August 15, 2011


I must gulp down the pill every morning.
Because I'm in between the feeling of sick and well.
I don't know what that means anymore.
Doctor, am I not well?
The nights are hazy and heavy with early sleeps.
The mornings are burdened with dragging feet.
Everything was supposed to be fine.
But I'm always exhausted and drained.
"Come back next time and we'll celebrate your health"
What happened to that party? It never occurred.
What am I supposed to do on these Limbo days?
I can't stand all these whirling emotions.
What am I supposed to do with all these bottled tears?
How am I to do anything when I feel like doing nothing at all?
Or am I  too tired to be thinking straight?
Is it all in my head?
These days, I've just been thinking.
And thinking is all I do.
I'm just so tired.


bakayabi said...

I hate it when doctors can't give us definitive answers.

Get plenty of rest <3

ooohjodi said...

i love this. i know exactly how you feel.

Eva said...

Sometimes it feels like the hope they instill is just an effort to keep us fighting.

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