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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I used to write so much

Yesterday, I came to the realisation that I don't write that much anymore.
Writing in general.

Yesterday, I was going through all my high school stuff that still remained through years of spring cleaning. As I flicked through notebooks, I realised that all those notebooks were drafts of stories I wrote years ago. And there were heaps of them. There were pages and pages of writing in faded lead and ink.

I cringed at some of my early writing styles and my poor grammar. And I smiled at some the cliche character names I camed up with. King Dignity. Really? Really? What was I thinking??

I wish that I still wrote as much.

The ideas used to always come so freely.

It used to be so fun. Now when I write, if it's not good quality, I won't like it.

I also realised that I don't write by hand anymore.
Maybe I should write by hand more often, maybe it would be fun again.


bakayabi said...

King Dignity? Seriously? LOL. What were you thinking?

Yeah. You either go awwwwww or just cringe and close it.

Free Spirited said...

I know the feeling, when you realize that you use to do something so often then all a sudden it somehow fades away without you noticing.

Harley Mellifont said...

I write less music now than I did when I was in high school or at uni. But the music I write is of a far greater quality. I'm sure the exact same principle applies here.

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