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Friday, September 16, 2011


I involuntarily ducked my head as fireworks exploded just above. I stopped weaving through people as my eyes watched in wonder at the beauty of blooming flowers in the sky. Someone bumped into my shoulder hard and I remembered that I had somewhere to be. I had someone to be with.

I turned on my mobile and searched for your instructions and remembered that you said you would be sitting somewhere near the lake. I hopped up and down, trying to see above people's heads. Everyone was so tall, it was unfair. Squeezing through tangled limbs of swimming alcohol, I finally found you peacefully resting on a picnic rug.

You opened your eyes and reaching out with one hand, you pulled me down beside you. I rest my head gently on your chest and closed my eyes. For a while, we said nothing, just simply listening to the chaotic collapse of the universe. I felt the rumbling of your voice as you spoke into my ear, 'I thought you didn't like me?' The question took me by surprise, I sat up and stared down at you with bewildered eyes, 'It's not that I don't like you.' You searched my wavering eyes, 'Then what is it then?' I looked away from you, unsure how to reply when what we had was so fragile. So easily broken apart. Like the fleeting moment fireworks lit up the sky.

'I like you more than I should.'

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