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Monday, September 26, 2011

Secret affair

Behind locked doors, your fingers brush against mine.
The blinds are closed but sunlight filters in, streaming lightly on our skin.
It's warmth does not compare with yours. Its warmth is the flickering of a delicate firefly but Dear, your fingertips are the sizzling heat of burning metal. They envelop me, pulling me close to your body and I know that we fit together like pieces on a puzzle.

It feels too right to be wrong but inside my mind, I know we won't last outside these four walls. Because you and I only exist inside this room. Outside is a different dimension where we're strangers, whose eyes follow each others steps. Your mouth lunges onto mine and I grasps your hair tight. We're like lumps of clay, moulding our bodies into each other. I want no distance between us.

I grip your unruly hair tight and you let out a groan, I bite into your mouth. Shush, or this fragile world will collapse around us. And I don't want you to be gone from me; not when I can hear your heart beating as hard as mine. Behind this locked door, you're my only lover so please don't utter her name inside this room.
And I won't talk about how much I want to walk beside you in broad day light, holding your hand.

Inside this room, there is only you and I. This is a world built only for us. But once we step outside, we are strangers. Your fingers brush against mine one last time before you leave. You turn back with a sad smile, 'Good bye'. That's all you ever say. Because inside this locked room is a secret affair. And you're not mine to love. You forget about me until you're lonely.

And I wait patiently, every day for your return.

1 comment:

bakayabi said...

This is fucking beautiful. And yet, it touches me deeply. The secrecy and false-relationship behind locked doors.

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