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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I need you here beside me

Inspired by: Barry's post- Sex and Guilt

What good is a man if he's only visible within my dreams?
If the only voice I hear is fabricated from my imagination.
How can he prove his love when he only knows the perfect me?
He cannot leap onto the streets to defend me from nightmares.
Or wrap his arms around me when I need a shoulder to cry on.
How can he when he's not real?
I need someone solid who will hold my hand during the cold nights.
Someone I can wake to in the early mornings.
Who has unruly hair I can weave my fingers through.
I neither need a prince nor knight to rescue me from dragons.
A fairytale ending is not necessary.
Just be there for me when I can't stand tall on my own.
I just need a man who I can kiss, touch and hold.
Someone who is right here and now.
Someone tangible.
I need you here beside me, where I know that you are real.
And not a figment of my fantasies.


bakayabi said...

That was completely beautiful and you illustrated exactly how I feel most days.

Philosophia said...

wonderful words. i can relate so much, sometimes this exact feeling you describe comes over me too. there's a part of us i think, there's this biological need inside that overwhelms and its not something we can just turn off whenever we want. at least that's how it feels.

Lovesick Fool said...

Thanks guys!!
Much appreciated. You're right Philosopphia, its a biological need that cannot be simply shut off.

Barry said...

Ha, I just noticed this now! How flattering that I could inspire you to write something. I like that.

And yes, there is no substitute for a warm body to lay with and wake up next to. As well as those wonderful moments shared in between!

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