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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You're somewhat like Romeo

You and I are like Romeo and Juliet.
You scream out my name in between the hours of late and morning.
I run outside onto the balcony with only my thin nightgown to caress my body.
You grin up at me with that smile that's up to no good.
And I can't help but smile too.
At how suspicious we both are.
At how the neighbours are sneaking glances at us.
And the fact that I don't care at all.
They can stare and whisper behind their curtains, all they want.
Because, you and I are like Romeo and Juliet.
And I'm looking for adventure outside my four-walled boredom.
You're my get-away horse with your tainted armour.
I bundle my gown in my arms and fly down the sky.
You catch me like you're always there, waiting.
We thunder down the shadowed buildings of sleepers.
Nothing can stop us now.
The world is ours to conquer.
Because, you and I are like Romeo and Juliet.
And we're up to no good.


Eva said...

Sounds perfect.

Barry said...

Oh, I like this Lucy! It's passionate, and sexy, and romantic and beautifully playful.

"You're my get-away horse with your tainted armour." My favourite line.

Thanks for not only commenting on my latest post but for doing it so openly. It means a lot to me and I wanted to let you know.

Hugs right back,

~ B

bakayabi said...

I have fallen in love.

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